nn. Editorial. 
keywords: Hybridization; Apomixis; Policies/Programmes; Small-scale farming; Seed. 
Wijk, J. van Hybrids, Bred for Superior Yields or for Control? 
keywords: Hybridization; Socio-economic impact; Seed; Relation public-private sector. 
Jaffé, W. and Rojas, M.  Maize Hybrids in Latin America: Issues and options. 
keywords: Hybridization; Maize; Latin America/Carribean; United States of America; Seed; Relation public-private sector. 
Pandey, B. Hybrid Seed Controversy in India. 
keywords: India; Small-scale farming; Hybridization; Sustainable agriculture; Intellectual property rights; Seed. 
Friis­Hansen, E. Hybrid Maize Production and Food Security in Tanzania. 
keywords: Tanzania; Maize; Seed; Socio-economic impact; Hybridization; Small-scale farming; Private industry. 
Jefferson, R.A. Apomixis: A social revolution for agriculture? 
keywords: Apomixis; Public institute; Socio-economic impact; Genetic engineering. 
Asiema, J. Africa's Green Revolution. 
keywords: Africa (Sub-Saharan); Green Revolution.
Bijman, J. Plant Genetic Systems. 
keywords: Plant Genetic Systems; Private industry; Hybridization; Disease/pest resistance; Technology transfer. 
Rojas, M. and Jaffé, W. Symposium on Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Sustainable Development. 
keywords: Biodiversity prospecting; Access to genetic resources; Grass root technologies; Policies/Programmes. 
Sande, T. van de The Politics of Biotechnology: On the exposure of Trojan horses. 
keywords: Green Revolution; Small-scale farming; Policies/Programmes. 

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