The editors Editorial: Perspectives
Philipson, M. Agricultural law: Containing the GM revolution
keywords: Canada, Genetic Engineering, Herbicide tolerance, Rapeseed, Canola, Regulation, Monsanto.
Mwangi, P.N. & Ely, A. Assessing risks and benefits: Bt maize in Kenya
keywords:  Kenya, Genetic Engineering, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Maize, Risk assessment.
Visser, B.; van der Meer, I.; Louwaars, N.; Beekwilder, J. & Eato, D. The impact of 'terminator' technology
keywords: Genetic Engineering, Intelectual property rights (IPR), Risk assessment, Biodiversity, Seed.
Minderhoud-Jones, M. Monsanto: Rewriting the script
keywords: Monsanto, Public acceptance
Ismael, Y.; Bennett, R. & Morse, S. Farm level impact of Bt cotton in South Africa
keywords: South Africa, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Plant production, Disease/pest resistance, Cotton, Socio-economic impact.
Choudhary, B. Legislation for a genetic heritage
keywords: Regulation, biodiversity, India.
Asveld, L. & Lorch, A. Southern Voices: An online debate on biotechnology and food production
keywords: Genetic engineering, Plant production, Intelectual property rigths (IPR), Capacity buildign, Regulation, Public acceptance.
Withanage, H.. Gullivers, Lilliputians and GM foods
keywords: Regulations, Sri Lanka.

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